High School Teams


VARSITY - Our best players at each position regardless of year in HS.
We play one of the toughest schedules in the state with the goal of the final four. Games are played to win. Seniors are only eligible for varsituy but are noty guaranteed playing time,

Junior Varsity I(JVI) - Players that are competitive but not quite ready for Varsity competition. Games will be played to win while giving playing time to the players that work the hardest and play the best.
Seniors may not play JVI or JVII. The best players not on Varsity from all other grades will be on JVI.

JVII - This team is usually made up of our youngest players.We will also have some 11th graders on JV2 if they are not ready for high level JV1 play. While all players will get in every game we will determine playing time by effort in practice and games. Some players that do not show good work ethic and make the effort to improve may not play as much as those that do.
Players that showed marked improvement are always given a chance to swing up to JVI when the time is right.
We want players that are dedicated to making every practice, every game and keeping their grades up.

We adhere to the 5 quarter rule. It applies to games on the same play date or a common opponent on consecutive dates.
A player may not enter more than 5 quarters on any play date(s).

Players can play in 18 games vs Oregon teams (playing in 5 quarters counts as 1 game). Players are allowed an additional 3 games if opponents are teams from out of state(regardless of where game is played).

West Linn is a proud member of the Three Rivers Conference. Top 2 teams in conference standing are AQ for state playoffs. Remainder are determined through power rankings. See Tie Break procedures

Ranking referred to are from lax power
Three Rivers Tie Break

Varsity roster 2024

15 -Anderson, Viggo Mid/LSm So.
3 - Barinaga, Nash Mid Jr.
8 - Fuller, Cannon Jr, Mid
10 - Goehring, Tristan Att Sr. Captain.
4 - Holland, Bode Mid Sr. Captain
20 -Jarrell, Brennan Mid, Jr.
17 - Jones, Brody Mid Jr.
19 - Kelly , Rowan Goal So.
33 - Koelbel, Logan Def So.
31 - Korach, Jacob, LSM/Def, Fr.
24 - Mallory, Jame Mid/FO Jr.
1 - McCoy, Gator Att, Sr. Captain
0 - McKenna, Jude Goal Sr. Captain
7 - Mueller, Rylan Mid So.
14 - Mueller, Caden Mid Fr.
27 - Nugent, JT Def So.
16 -Olson, Dylan Mid F/O So..
13 - Parker, Griffin Att So.
6 - Peters, Connor Att, Fr.
5 -Reinke, Drew Att, Fr.
22 - Sinclair, Jake Def/LSM, So.
11 - Spengler Addison Def, So.
29 - Spinning, Charles Mid FO, Sr.
23 - Steinhauer, Blaysen(buckets), Mid, Jr.
21 - Thomsen, Lucas Mid Jr.

Coaches Erick Lopez, Tony Engel
Ryan Bowers, Rick Maxa, Scott Demorest

JV roster

0 - Kekhia, Hassan Jr. Def/mid
1 - Hultgren, George So. Midfield
4 - Mueller, Caden Fr. Midfield
5 - Peters, Connnor So. Attack
6 - Winslow, Logan Fr. Midfield
7 - Parker, Griffin So. Attack
8 - Pearson, Levi Fr, Attack
12 - Sclater, Maddox Fr. Goalie
13 - Lopez, Anthony Fr. Attack
16 - Mroczek, George Fr. Defense
18 - Steinhauer, Blaysen Jr. Midfield
20 - Conway, Rory Fr. Midfield
21 - Mckenna, Wes Fr. Midfield
23 - Sampson, Britton Fr. Midfield
25 - Rogers, Tavish Fr. Mid/attack
27 - Nugent, J T So. Defense
29- Bell, Max Fr. Att/Mid
34 - McCoy, Chris So. Goalie
36 - Lee, Hennrik Fr. Defense
46 - Kelly, Rowan So. Goalie
- Stenger, Preston, Def, So.
inj - Mallory, James Mid, Jr.
inj- Dailey, Xander Def, Fr.
inj - Bell, Caden LSM, Fr.
inj - Bell, Ike Fr. Attack
inj -Skowhede, Tannen Fr. Defense

Erick Lopez, Ryan Bowers, Rick Maxa, Tony Engel, Scott Demorest

Code of conduct WLHS athletics
WLWV district athletics code of conduct


Alaina Jarrell



Krisin Liston
Christina Loun

Kristin Liston
Christina Loun

PA Announcer
Tom Loun

Team Dinners
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